Top 5 Wednesday

Top Five Wednesday: Books For My Younger Self

T5W is a weekly meme hosted by Sam @ Thoughts on Tomes over on Goodreads. The topic this week is Books For My Younger Self.

1. A Monster Calls

A book about loss of a loved one and coming to terms with it. My 13 year old self needed this book so bad when my father passed away, him being the only true friend i had.

2. Every Heart a Doorway

It was the first book I ever read that had an ace protagonist. Sure, I had heard or read the term asexuality before. But I didn’t really understand what it meant. I read it earlier this year and do wish I had read it sooner.

3. Anne of Green Gables

Although I’m totally in love with Anne and every other character of this book but I didn’t read it until my late teens. My younger self would have appreciated it more since it’s more of a children’s book.

4. Wonder

A very important book that I think everyone should read at least once. And the sooner the better.

5. Symptoms of Being Human

Another book on my list that explores sexuality. To be more precise it is about a non-binary character. I know there are better written books about transgenders and genderqueers but this was the book that made me understand and feel everything our society puts them through. I definitely should have read it sooner.

I admit the topic was a difficult one but anyway these were my top five picks and I’m really curious to see what books other people are going to pick.

Until next time! Happy Reading!! 🙂


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